1. We already use Brilliant Creations’ textbooks. Why would we need BCOn?

BCOn allows teachers to use the online content created specifically for Brilliant Creations’ textbooks. This resource library helps teachers cut down on preparation time to enable them to devote more energy for better lesson planning, student engagement, etc.

2. What can students do with BCOn?

BCOn allows students to access online activities, as well as enrichment videos that can help them stay engaged. These resources can also be used by the students to review previous lessons.

3. Is BCOn accessible without an Internet connection?

BCOn cannot be accessed without an Internet connection, but you can download the PowerPoint presentations so that you can still use them even when offline.

4. Can BCOn be integrated with our LMS?

Yes, BCOn can be used with any existing LMS that the school may be using, avoiding costly migration.

You can include the link to the lessons directly in your preferred LMS. The student needs to be registered in BCOn and enter their username and password in order to view the lesson.

On each book, you can go to the “Teacher Resource” section to access lessons.

You can copy the URL of the lesson you want to use and paste it directly in your LMS. There is also a button inside the lesson that will copy the lesson’s URL. After pressing it, you can go to your LMS and paste the URL to the lesson.

5. I have registered on BCOn. I can’t seem to log in. Can I set my own password?

Yes, you can reset your password. Click on Reset Password or Lost Password and it will prompt you to enter your registered email address. BCOn will send a confirmation email to your email address (check your spam folder if it’s not in your inbox). Click on the link in the email to reset your password. Enter your new password and log in.