BCOn is Brilliant Creations’ Online Learning Resource Library, an online hub created to help schools enhance education through the correct blend of technology and traditional techniques.

BCOn gives access to additional educational resources and materials that educators as well as students can use to keep them engaged and excited to learn.

The tools found in BCon are meant to go hand-in-hand with Brilliant Creations’ textbooks in order to add dimension to a student’s learning experience.

Our Goal

BCOn hopes to harness the educator in all of us by providing creative materials that help unlock the student’s desire to learn. By providing materials that are adaptable and aligned with our textbooks, teaching can be expanded. Whether in school or at home, educators are empowered to enhance their lessons with these tools at their fingertips.

Learning Library

  • Video lessons and photo gallery
  • Original content from Brilliant Creations Publishing can be used to:
    • recap a lesson
    • enrich a particular topic
    • open discussions

Teacher Resources

  • Contains downloadable educational resources, such as editable PowerPoint presentations, video links, etc.
  • Powerpoint Presentations
    • Downloadable and editable PowerPoint Presentations are available for teacher use. These contain the following:
      • Objectives of the lesson 
      • Review of Topics
      • Suggested Opening Activities
      • Suggested Extension Activities